Raising funds to install solar panels on our building to make our adventure playground sustainable


Evesham Adventure Playground provides a safe, supervised playspace for children and families based on its one acre site with large self-build playstructures, mud kitchen,tree house, bare foot walk and community cafe and building.

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We try to respond to the needs of our community by providing programmes that support families in need. We are open after school and during all school holidays providing a care scheme for parents that work, who are in training or need some respite care. We also provide an  'open access' scheme for local children and families where they can come and play for free.

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We re-cycle materials for use on our playground, grow our own food, collect and give away produce to families that would have gone to landfill, provide free meals to all who come to play, collect used clothing for our rag bag scheme, and are developing a DIY water saving project.

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Dave Boucker, Programme manager said "We look to be self-sufficient in what we do and the projects we run. Having solar PV will save on our energy bill, slash our carbon footprint and help us educate our users in sustainable energy sources-children will produce information boards and monitor our usage-parents will be encouraged to explore their own home electricity usage -great for our community,great for our future -please vote for us !