To organize and carry an event/march in Brussels and Luxembourg

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Welcome to the crowdfunder for Eunite which is part of Protecting the Rights of EU citizens in the UK the UK citizens in the continete and the British citizens here in the UK and to stop our government in the UK in using us citizens as bargaining chips.

I am Samit Shah the founder of Eunite and Protecting the rights of EU citizens in the UK and British citizens rights within the EU.

Along with almost half of the British peopleI truely believe that brexit will endanger the rights of EU citizens here in the UK our UK counterpart citizens in Europe and the British citizens here in the UK.

Everyday we see in the media and other public spaces that those of us that voted remain are being ignored and even ridiculed for holding a difference of opinion to the current politcal direction that our government is taking us.  For this reason we have decided to go to Brussels and Luxembourg ourselves in order to make our voices heard and let our fellow Europeans know that not everyone in the UK voted leave.

Please support us 

You can join us at our event in Brussels and Luxembourg by clicking on going on the following Links,

This crowdfunding page is setup to help pay for the trip we are planning to Brussels and Luxembourg on the following dates and in the formof a March and speeches,

Brussels 05.09.17

Luxembourg 06.09.17

The Money raised will be used for some of the following things and there is a link for a full list of at the bottomof this page,


promotional items

coach hire in Belguim

Travel to Belguim

Our future depends on you and our fight need your support in order to make the March in Brussels and Luxembourg happen.

We want to enjoy the society and the culture Europe offers and remain united with our European neighbours.

We want to see the rights of our neighbours, friends and family protected. The fightback has started with the election result but we need to contintue this fight for the next two years and beyond.

We want to protect our rights and we want to give our future generations a future to look forward too but we cannot do this without your help so please donate what ever you can afford and lets show the world that not whole of the UK wish to leave the EU.

We pledge to be transparent with the spending and reporting of the expenditure as we progress and will do so by tracking all costs incurred and sharing this with you at your request as we progress. We also pledge to ensure no funds willbe utilised fromthe crowdfunder without the approval of allsignatures and not for anything else than stipulated.

We pledge to be open and honest and if there is any money left over at the end of the project we will create a poll and ask you to decide what to with the money left over.

We realise that people are afraid ofcrowdfunding which is understandable but never before has a cause been worthy as this one.

We would greatly appreciate your support in this crowdfunding and event.

Please note that we are alsoin the process of setting up a committee that will have full voting rights on how the money is spent.

The link for draft budget is as follows,!AndGO9kuAYJihmYEUgSDdRETTD8y

If you require further information you can contact us at,