Equity-based crowdfunding

Sell equity in your start-up or business

Selling equity in great British start-ups and businesses could take you to the next level, giving ordinary supporters the opportunity to become investors.

We work very closely with our partners, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), to help businesses raise an equity stake by harnessing the power of ‘the crowd’.

It’s perfect for all types of start-up, early stage and growth businesses across the UK.There are two types of equity crowdfunding for businesses looking to raise finance to grow their operation.

In the first instance a business can offer a bit of its company (equity) in return for pledges of money, meaning everyone who invests becomes a shareholder.

As a result they take partial ownership of a company depending on the amount of money they have invested.

This type of fundraising is especially good for established businesses with a good track record and a need for a cash injection to enable growth. 

Mini-bonds are a slightly different, allowing more established businesses to offer regular interest repayments (typically 6-8% pa) in return for investment into the business.

A lump sum will also be repayed at the end of the term.In both cases a stand-out brand, compelling story and a strong team with a great track record will play an vital role in a successful fundraise.

We’ll help you develop your pitch and marketing plan to ensure you the best chance of hitting your target. 

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Sell equity in your start-up or business