Attacked for having epilepsy

Attacked for having epilepsy

Young lad Attacked bullied assaulted victim of hate crime for past 5 years for having epilepsy and needs a new start

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Young lad Attacked bullied assaulted for past 5 years for having epilepsy and needs a new start. He cannot go out for fear of being attacked. When he has an episode which comes regularly kids laugh due to him twitching and jumping. When he has an episode he doesn't know where he is or who his parents are he is virtually unconscious standing up. He has been constantly bullied .and victim of hate crime with I divide also coming to his home shouting freak.kuds throwing large objects at his head trying to make him twitch .assaulted on school bus with bottles thrown at his head. Then he was severely assaulted for no reason in June. His sister helped but then she was also punched in the face by the lad and he hit her so hard he broke his knuckles on her face she hasn't been the same since. The police dropped all charges against the attackers saying that due to them being thrown out of the school they had been through enough .they were allowed to walk free. No matter who we ask for help to help anthony and no matter what we do it still goes on. We want to help him with his wish and that's to move to North Wales near family where he can have a fresh start and try to pick up the pieces with his family's help but money is difficult so we are therfore asking for the help of anyone who possibly can. The total cost of moving with deposits etc and other costs is nearly 7000  so we are asking that you help spread the word so we can raise the money and get him what he deserves as no one else will help him and he has his important ee exams in 2 years it's already hard enough .please help and do what you can we appreciate all you do and want to thank k you in advance.we will keep you updated fully on all progress .

Thanks once again