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EPA Graphic Design

Ever since I attended college 9 years ago, I wish I knew where that time has gone, I always loved creating designs from leaflets,...

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Ever since I attended college 9 years ago, I wish I knew where that time has gone, I always loved creating designs from leaflets, business cards, flyers and sales brochures.

As my life changed and my job prospects took a different turn I ended up a butcher for the last 8 years which I enjoyed since I worked with the general public which has enabled my people skills I now have.

When my first born little girl came into this world I knew it was time for a change but when I commit to something, which was my job, I couldn't leave but that changed when an unexpected little boy decided to pop into this world as well. From this I knew it was time to change to which my people skills and 8 year commitment with my last job found me being offered a Print Production managerial job which is based around printing high quality brochures for Estate Agents from leaflets, business cards, sales brochures etc...  

Upon starting my job I realized that the job branched off to me working with our Estate Agents to create and design what they needed from 20 page portfolio's for new staff members being hired to directly working with the director to change their whole brochure designs to make them more appealing to their target customers. During this time I have developed a love for creating the designs for people to which I take pride in the finished project since it's a personal design every time that I won't be satisfied with until perfect.  

This business is for many reasons. It's to enable companies to enjoy a low cost design team that can build their audience using up to date designs that are eye catching alongside giving me the chance to pursue a permanent career that I'll enjoy for a long time with the hope of teaching my children to take hold of as a stepping stone for their future. The kickstarter is a low cost funder as that will enable the subscriptions and systems I require to get everything started and start promoting the business's through personal phone calls and face to face meetings with any and all companies who use this type of product.