Environment Savers

Do we want to destroy the ONLY planet in the universe we KNOW supports life? It is that big! We must change the way we think, shop and act.

The planet is at an environmental tipping point. We must act now! Hesitation is not an option. Either we can continue doing business as usual and poisoning our waterways and oceans with plastics that take hundreds, if not thousands, of years to degrade. And before they breakdown they are eaten by the creatures of the sea, not only giving them a slow painful death but also depriving thousands of communities around the world from a major food source. No, this doesn't mean someone else on the other side of the world, it means you too!;

and we can continue choking the atmosphere with CO2, methane and other greenhouse gases,

while we clear ever greater areas of forest and woodlands


- the very areas that would naturally be absorbing the CO2! It is almost as if the human race has a death wish! 

Or we can think about how we act and what we buy and make choices that aren't just good for us personally  but also take the planet into consideration.

Given the glacial speed our politicians work at it is probably better if the people of the world take matters into their own hands and we start from the bottom and work up with  each of us taking the initiative and making small changes to our own lives rather than working from the top down and waiting for the governments to  make significant changes because, as we all know, governments either don't have the environment as their top priority or have way too much on their plates to give it the attention it deserves.  Consequently,  I am developing a website that both tries to educate as many people as possible about a better way based on renewable energy,


and a different (hopefully better) way of thinking. This site also has an attached online shop that sells only products that are guaranteed environmentally friendly. For example I have already sourced a t-shirt manufacturer that makes 100% cotton tshirts from certified organic cotton. I am also hot on the trail of a wholesaler of fair trade, organic coffee.  Not to mention the environmentally friendly pens and office supplies such as bamboo pens  and writing pads made from 100% recycled paper etc. My major aim is for everything sold through this site to be totally plastic free! I am seriously looking into paper, foil and glass as possible alternatives to plastic packaging. If anyone knows of a natural alternative to plastic then contact me by tweeting me on @Environmentsav2 oron the email address on the Contact page of environment-savers.com or the temporary email address - environment.savers27@gmail.com.

Other natural products I am hoping to sell through the online shop are: stainless steel water bottles,  Eco Ball Pens (Recycled paper barrels. Trying to source a totally biodegradable pen. I am fairly sure I have found one but I will continue searching for a cheaper one.); paper, bamboo, jute, calico and string bags; clothing made of natural fibres (cotton, wool & linnen primarily) - e.g. exercise gear, underwear and shorts as well as sweaters and (possibly?) jackets;  natural soap - scented and unscented. Obviously this list will grow in time and all reasonable suggestions will be entertained.

I believe this site will have an excellent chance of succeeding because I have been optimising  websites and getting them on page 1 of the major search engines for some years. Given that 3.2 billion people have access to the Internet, Google is the first port of call when people need to know something  and 84% of those people who use it look only on page one, being on page one of Google's results pages is probably the best place to be! Also the information on the site will always be up to date, well researched and relevant.  Input will be sourced from other bloggers, universities, environmentalists, climate scientists,  all my trusted readers  and anyone else effected by the environment - well that means pretty much everyone! Afterall isn't that the whole point? Finally, I will never stop looking for newer and eco-friendlier (is that a real word?) suppliers for the stock in the online shop.

Unfortunately,  right now I don't have the funds to buy the initial base stock and some of the more complex functionality of the website. So I am looking for people who are as passionate about the environment as I am  to help me get the funds to launch this site

Initially when you visit the website you will have access to a basic level of content and will have access to the online shop. However, we also have one level of membership giving you access to more engaging and practical content as well as a discount in the online shop. i.e.  membership gives you 25% discount off everything in the shop.

As an example of the increasing content for members: If you just remain as a casual  reader you get the featured blog post , the environmental trivia quiz, Environmental Champions and Tips and Tricks for Home and Garden. You'll also get access to:   all archived material, the  environmental search-a-word puzzle and Answers to Your Environmental Questions. Membership also gives you: One Hundred Years Ago - how people survived without the "bells and whistles"; How Environmental Things Work - The science of nature; Inside Out - A column that opens up an institution, process or concept and explains it, e.g Inside Out ewaste would look into the process of recycling ewaste, list what is and isn't extracted and where it goes; Technology is Not Necessarily a Dirty Word - Some new technology is actually beneficial for the environment, e.g. electric vehicles; the best environmental video, and picture as well as the best environmental infographic of the month. 


Contributors of $A 10 (approx 5 GBP, 7 USD) will receive an Environment Savers enviro-friendly ball pen

Contributors of $A 20 (approx 10 GBP, 15 USD) will receivea set of 8 EcoFirst recycled paper pens in a recycled  paper tube.

Contributors of $A 35 (approx 20 GBP, 26 USD) will receive an 8GB bamboo USB drive.

Contributors of $A 50 (approx 29 GBP, 38 USD) will receive 1 month of  membership. This would  entitle you to the 25% discount on everything you purchase during that month.

Contributors of $A 100 (approx 57 GBP, 77 USD)will receive 2 months of membership . Also entitles you to the discount but for 2 months.

Contributors of $A 150 (approx  85 GBP,  115 USD) will receive 3 months of  membership. This entitles you to the 25% discount on all stock during that 3 months.

All memberships start on  the day the online shop goes live - currently envisioned to be 31/10/2016. All contributors  will be notified  of this date well in advance if it changes. You will also receive an email one week before your membership expires so you can extend if you wish.