English teaching volunteering Thailand

English teaching volunteering Thailand

To raise funds to facilitate volunteers to teach english to Thai children with the support Volunteer Teacher Thailand, a registered charity.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

As an employee at Leeds Beckett University, I will be travelling to Khao Lak in Thailand in May 2017 with a group of 15 Leeds Beckett students to lead a series of English camps with local children in partnership with Volunteer Teacher Thailand (http://www.volunteerteacherthailand.org/). The work of volunteers ensures that poorer children have the the same opportunities as those from more affluent areas, through the aquirement of english language skills. The project lasts for three weeks and all proceeds will be donated to support the work of Volunteer Teacher Thailand. 

As a project leader I have many additional responsibilities leading up to the trip includes conducting my own fundraising. I also:

  • Assisted in the recruitment and selection of our student volunteers.
  • Work closely with Leeds Beckett colleagues as well as those at Volunteer Teacher Thailand to schedule all volunteering activity whilst in country; finalising plans with the partner organisation as well as managing all financial activity for the trip.
  • Encouraging  student volunteers to fundraise in order to reach their individual targets; organising team fundraising activity - this will include a group abseilling event on 27 April at Leeds Beckett University.
  • Will provide pastoral support for volunteers whilst in country.
  • Undertake marketing and promtion of the project before, during and after the trip.