England National Bus Pull

England National Bus Pull

To seek England's strongest bus puller for crowd entertainment & fun - raising the profile of the sport and the amazingly strong athletes


of £5,000 target




days left

3 categories on the day;

A spectacular day event to entertain customers at England's premier sea side resort.

Format:105kg Opens And master's 10 to 15 participants in each category

Each individual will get 3 pulls of the bus there fastest time out of the 3 pulls go's for the best time fastest time wins over 20 metres.

105kg 10 ton bus single decker

Opens 15 ton double decker

Master's 15 ton double decker

Featuring Former Yorkshire's strongest, Englands current strongest man and a two times Guinness World record holder referee.

Coordinated and mananged by fully licensed and insured Super strongman events. 

Twitter: @superstrongmen

Facebook: @superstrongmen28

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFHyvXRSPIoIbf6KS_xG4SQ