Enfield Art Festival

Enfield Art Festival

This is an opportunity for local people to express their national identity in a fun, safe and engaging way and create community cohesion.

£925 raised of £1,200 target 77 %
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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 2:33pm 28th April 2017

VOW (Voice it Out Woman) which is targeting families all at the risk of social exclusion, families who are having trouble accessing even the margins of English culture and society due to language difficulties (Most women are from a French speaking background), cultural separation, isolation, lack of qualification, poverty, disability and poor mental health. Problems are compounded for many of these families as their children, all English born and bred, are now experiencing adolescence and presenting problems that home life seems unable to deal with adequately.
We believe through personal interactions, those women and young people can build self-confidence, improve their self-esteem and become active citizens.

Over the past year, we have been providing children from our surrounding community with free care, mentoring and tutoring. Many of these Children come from broken or abusive homes and we are offering a haven for them, whenever they need it.

This is only made possible through the generous funding we have received from members of our community and the citizens of Enfield like you. we are specifically seeking donations to fund our Art Festival that will see many of those children perform their best poems, dance, song… we know that art is of extreme importance to the development of our kids. this experience will:
• encourage residents of Enfield to meet new people and make new friends
• Promote community cohesion
• Promote local statutory and voluntary organisations
• Combat isolation
• Celebrate different cultural groups
• Promote local businesses and enterprise
• Encourage kids to express their creativity through art
• Engage different schools
• Promote volunteering
• Improve community engagement
• Increase confidence
• Reduce social isolation

Breakdown of expenses

 Food and refrements:  £ 620


Bouncy castle:                                                    £200

Decoration                                                          £60

Traditional costumes                                     £100

Art &craft material:                                       £150

DJ                                                                            £40

 Advertisement                                                £30

Total for event                                            £ 1200