Ellen Tinkham Hydrotherapy Pool Project

A Schools project Exeter, Devon

Ellen Tinkham Hydrotherapy Pool Project

Ellen Tinkham Special School needs £36,000 to upgrade and extend its Hydrotherapy Pool to aid in pupils development, health and wellbeing.


Raised of £36,000 target


Days left


Fund it This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 12:26pm 30th November 2016

Ellen Tinkham School in Exeter is a Local Authority funded school for children and young people aged between 3-19  who have servere learning and physical disabilities.   The PTFA (Parents, Teachers and Friends Association) have been working hard over a great deal of time to raise the funds to create a new Hydrotherapy Pool facility, to help the pupils with various aspects of their development, health and well being. The Current Hydrotherapy pool, on site at the school, was built over 40 years ago and is now in need of a refurbishment and extension.  As it presently stands, the facility provides very poor access and equipment for pupils who require the use of a wheelchair.  There is inadequate space to manoeuvre around the sides of the pool safely and inadequate changing and toileting facilities, to provide sufficient dignity and ease for some of the pupils at the school.  Our aim and goal is to create an extension to the existing building, which allows for two new changing areas, which will also house the appropriate equipment such as hoists, ceiling tracks and adjustable beds, and we will also be adding new toilet facilities and showers large enough to accomodate wheelchair users and also widening the side of the pool to allow safe access and manoeuvrability for wheelchairs.

As I have already mentioned, this has been an ongoing project for a long period of time. Each time we raise an amount of money for the project we are informed that costs have increased due to issues out of our control. We are so close to being able to create the upgraded Hydrotherapy Pool, but we are currently short of £36,000 to allow this project to complete. We therefore hope that the puplic will get behind us and help us raise the ramaining money needed for this valuable facility.

There are many ways and reasons in which the Hydrotherapy Pool helps the pupils of Ellen Tinkham School. These include; physiotherapy, water confidence, sensory development, calming therapy and behaviour support.  Individual programmes are developed for pupils to use the pool as part of their education and learning. With the new extension many more pupils will benefit from these therapies due to the ease of access, changing and washing facilities.

It is of great importance to all of us involved in the PTFA and all at Ellen Tinkham School that this project is a success.  We are  therefore asking the puplic to help us to raise the final amount of money needed.  We do not have alot of time to raise this money, as all money raised needs to be donated and collected by early 2017.  Therefore, time really is of the essence.

We really can not stress enough how important this project is and how much the pupils will benefit from it now and in the years to come.  In addition, the wider community will also benefit, as it will be available for use by mother and baby/toddler groups.

No matter how shallow or deep your donation every amount you give really does count.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our project, thank you for your kind donation and thank you for helping us to create a much needed and amazing facility at Ellen Tinkham School.