Electronic Portable Bottle That Can 'Be Hot&Cold

Electronic Portable Bottle That Can 'Be Hot&Cold

I am raising funds for product idea of an Electronic Portable Liquid Bottle that be hot and cold. To build working prototype & Product.

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HOT & COLD PEB(Portable Electronic Bottle).Lets Discover The Future Today Not leave It For Tomorrow. Help To Create A Change 

Hot& Cold PEB is going to be world’s most advanced portable electronic bottle that can be hot and cold instantly anywhere. This bottle will be designed to make any drinking liquids hot or cold. The liquids can vary from water to hot drinks such as coffee or hot chocolates and many more. Bottle will use nanotechnology built in system that will applied at the bottom of the bottle. The mechanism for this system will be integrated just below the bottle, it will rotate either between hot or cold mechanisms and create subnational amount of energy in order to make the bottle hot or cold.
This bottle will help facilitate the users to make their liquids hot or cold matter of seconds using simplistic control automation of on and off button. Users can use this device anywhere whether at home or work or going on a jorney. This bottle will not help just help the individuals but become part of their life.It will be sold at the RRP price of £34.99

This bottle will be sold both domestically and internationally using various marketing and online campaigns

Idea and Concept 

 I am a university student in London studying Mechanical Engineering. I came across this idea by looking into different market segments the chilled water bottle consumption in UK, Hot liquids takeaway drinks especially coffee and general demand for technological products. By analsying these markets help me realise I can design an electronic bottle that can turn hot and cold instantly anywhere.  

Currently I am in talks with the Japanese and Chinese product development companies to work on the final design and to build final working prototype. The funding obtained will be used to build the prototype and launch the final product

Product and Features

  • Powerful Integrated Nanotechnology (Nano-heat and Nano-cool) system
  • Slick high gloss finish and tested ergonomic design
  • 500 ml capacity
  • Hot and Cold Indicator allowing the individual how hot or cold they want their drink to be
  • Highly Durable design that can last for years
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Duration: Liquids can be maintained hot and cold from 25 to 45 mins
  • Battery life indicator: Battery will be charged using a usb charger that it at least takes a period of 1 hour to fully charge the bottle
  • Maximum amount of times bottle can be hot and cold in one charge is 7 times
  • Very lightweight bottle so very easy to carry
  • Mechanism Underneath the bottle can be detachable for  ultra light-weight portability
  • Built in small vacuum space where the hot and cold energy travel in order to hot or cold the drinking liquids
  • User Friendly device compatible for everyone

 The image below is the describe the built in rotating mechansim that will switch between hot or cold 


The image below give a genral descritpion of the overall bottle deisgn.

Key Thing: The Final deisgns are not full compelted yet as it will be improved more in lot more detail once the prortoye has beens started. 

Video:Just shows how the mehanism will operte inside the bottle .

Video URL:https://vimeo.com/222028581?utm_source=email&utm_medium=vimeo-cliptranscode-201504&utm_campaign=29220

How the Bottle will work?

The way this device will operate is that.

  • 1st the device will be charged using a usb charger for a period of 1 hour 
  • In the device it has hot and cold liquid button you fill the bottle with liquids such as water. Then you can press the cold button.
  • Also you will see hot and cold indicator that you can choose how hot or cold you want the drink to be. For example light, so for that reason you will need to hold your hot or cold button for a second. If its for super hot or cold you press the button for 10 seconds.
  • Finally you will need to choose the duration for your liquid to be hot or cold(25:30:45 mins)
  • The rotator will rotate 180 degrees between hot and cold depending on what you have chosen. If its the hot, the mechanism will choose the device will rotate the hot element and same with cold.
  • Once the right element is fixed the device, the mechanism underneath will build subnational energy that will be released into the vacuum space either the energy will be heat or cold. As a result the device will be hot or cold.


The funding will be going to assisting to build the prototype and the final product and process will include

  • Making the final designs and agreeing on the final designs
  • Making and testing the prototype and build the final prototype.
  • Product launch into the market.

The prototype development will take place with either in Chinese product development or Japanese product devolvement companies. The Chinese product development company I am currently in talks with is called DETEKT Product Design. I already spoke to the consultants at that company who has heavily favored my design concept and my designs have been passed on to the specialist engineer team that will be working to build the working prototype. 

So please help me raise the required funds and help me to fulfill this journey. Having a great product idea is one thing but to execute it is what makes an excellent product. So lets make this into an excellent product.