Help elect Ros Brown as Keighley's Green MP

We are raising funds to help pay for the campaign to elect Ros Brown as the new Green Party MP for Keighley in May 2015.

New stretch target

Thank you! We did it. We raised £1000.

Our new target is £1500. We will use these extra funds to purchase additional campaign materials, posters and leaflets to help us get the green message out across Keighley - NOW is the time for real political, economic and social change!

We are raising funds to help pay for the campaign to elect Ros Brown as the new Green Party MP for Keighley in May 2015 (Ros is pictured above with Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett during Natalie's very successful visit to Bradford, Shipley and Ilkley in October).

Ros has worked in education for over twenty years as a primary school teacher, headteacher, researcher, school governor and trade union representative. Her wider concerns for others over the years have led her to initiate action, campaigning or voluntary work to support people who are elderly, homeless, survivors of torture, experiencing poverty or facing the death penalty.

She is deeply concerned about the impact of the austere and 'business as usual' policies proposed by the other major parties on our public services, green belt, wider environment, democracy and well-being.

Please help Ros to offer a viable and sustainable alternative in the Keighley constituency.

She lives in Ben Rhydding with her husband and two young sons and has the local knowledge, passion and experience to help our constituency meet and exceed its aspirations for a prosperous future.

She needs £500 to cover the cost of the deposit to stand as a parliamentary candidate. She also needs another £500 to pay for a freepost leaflet that will go out to 45,000 homes in Keighley. Any extra money raised will cover the cost of additional posters and materials to support the campaign.

Please give what you can. Give Ros a fighting chance to get the Green message out across Keighley!

Thank you on behalf of Ilkley and District Green Party and Aire and Worth Valley Greens - the most progressive force in Keighley politics.

Finally, please ensure that you are on the electoral register as this is a requirement for all individual donations to UK political parties. If your company would like to donate, you are most welcome to do so as long as you are UK-registered.