Elect Brent Johnston Abbey Hill Parish Councillor

This is the fighting fund to help get Brent Johnston elected as a Respect Party Parish Councillor for the Abbey Hill Parish Council

Project aim

This is the fighting fund to help get Brent Johnston elected as a Respect Parish Councillor for the Abbey Hill Parish Council

About the project

My name is Brent Johnston, I was born and raised in Milton Keynes and have lived here for 18 years and have a strong connection with this town.

If you're wondering why I would be the right choice to elect as your Parish Councillor for me it is simple;

  • I have spent 3 years of my life studying politics but that means nothing without the endless amount of hours I spent canvassing, debating, protesting and standing in numerous elections, I think it is fair to say I have the right experience to be a parish councillor.


  • Being in a family that was living hand to mouth for many years to then be given a chance through determination and self sacrifice I have lived both sides of the coin but have never lost my working class roots nor my socialist heart, I feel I have the right experience to say I am in touch with the real world.


  • Each election I have stood, I have learnt something new about myself, politics or elections and I now have a better understanding what it means to truly represent a diverse group and be the voice of my generation.

This is just a little about me, if you'd like to know more then feel free to tweet or email me.

So why do I want to stand? Unfortunately I feel that the Abbey Hill Parish Council are not doing enough for the residents they represent so I have taken it upon myself to bring change.

I have 3 key objectives:


  • Incorporate everyone into the community
    •  Bring the churches into the fold and part of our events
    • All ethnic groups making their mark on the communit


  • Put safety back on the agenda
    • For everyone to feel safe walking in the streets
    • To allow for pedestrians to feel safe crossing the road


  • Offer a real voice of the community to MK Council
    • Not leaving it up to one individual, but putting the weight of the Parish behind them with every problem
    • Showing the residents each problem is a Parish Council problem


I hope that just like me you see the potential for change and what can be achieved if we work together, help fund my campaign and we can build a strong Abbey Hill Parish Council together.


Come May 7th Vote Brent Johnston, Vote RESPECT!