To build the first Carbon Neutral/Positive Crematorium using a mix of renewables and regeneration technologies to run the site.

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By using a combination of renewable sources we are building the first totaly carbon neutral, ethical and ecologicaly friendly cremotorium.


The Project cost breakdown

Site 5-10 Acres £1 Million (preferably brown feild site)

1.3 MW Solar Farm £1.5 Million

1x 3.5 +MW wind Turbine or two 2 MW Turbines £5 Million

Facility including 3x Future Tech Cremation furnaces £2 Million

Working Capital £500,000

We need to invest in the future of this industry as we are currently in the lul of the War years. When the post war baby boom and expenential expansion of the population reaches terminal age we will be 30 years behind on the infrastructure.

off the back of this we will be able to massivly reduce the cost of funerals from close to £3,000 and rising to under £1000

we are able to do this by effectivly selling our generated electricity not to the grid but to the families.

in a world that the cost of cremation is rising along with the population we are looking to reduce the impact on the environment and the cost of cremation in a monopolised industry currently worth £300,000,000 here in the UK and thats just the cremation not to mention the rest of the proceedings.