To buy 5 acres of land in Kerala for Eco farming


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My name is Reghu Ganesh. It is my dream to buy 5 acres and and build an eco natural farm with cows and bulls. I also wish to build a house from natural materials which i grow the farm. But I do not have any money. My concept is to build a self sustinable model in a 5 acres of land and produce everything that i require to sustain from the land itself. Also a grove of banyan trees and a diety of Radha Krishna in centre. Free Grazing Indian breed cows and bulls untied. Prosperity everywhere. I wish to apply Homa Farming+ Zero Base Natural Farming principles in this model.  I would like to make this a grazing school, agnihora centre etc etc. This facilty will have only a few eco houses. We will only use 40% of land and 60% would be full of trees, plants, herbs etc. Cows will be grazed in a controlled manner and they will not be exploited. Calves will be allowed to stay with cowd suckle full milk. Bulls will never be castrated. No animal will ever be tied. They will graze for food. Sit, sleep and move as they like. Large rivers will be made by conserving water and fishes will be allowed to grow which will give clean water. We will recreate a beautiful eco system which entirely depends one one another. In fact in summary, I am planning to recreate a heaven on earth where there will be happiness and peace only.