EATALIAN DREAM Mobile Catering

15000£ 4 an Original, Warm, Friendly, Unique place in wich offer tasting of Quality Italian food and wine along side good hand made bread.


My name is Flavio Miccoli.

I am an Italian guy grown in Imola (Italy), Known for F1 Race, but famous to be the Core of Good Italian Food as well.

Infact, It is located in County of Emilia Romagna where, well-known and Exported in whole world Italian Product as Wines, Parmigiano, Lasagna, Piadina, Hams (Mortadella, Row ham ec..) and much more, had birth.

I have always had a passion for cooking and I delight to cook by myself and experiment new dishes. Is from here that, with my twin brother Gabriele, We had a brilliant Idea about an Italian Gourmet Food & Beverage Project: "EATALIAN DREAM".

Me and my twin at RestaurantMe and my twin at Restaurant


It would be an original, warm, friendly and unique place in wich offer tasting of Quality Italian wine, hams, cheeses, Jams, Nutella... along side good hand made bread and tipical Romagna's Tigella (pronounced Teejella in English) similar to Piadina.

Besides tasting all that, there will be a room where all products (Hams, cheeses, wine and so on) can be bought, safely packed, to taste them comfortably at home.

In addition, an E-commerce will offer the opportunity to buy them from home whenever you want and with incredible promotions, discounts and Voucher to be used in our Bitstrot.

Moreover, We would offer catering service at your own home and cooking lessons.

Tigella with hams, cheeses, Nutella and JamsTigella with hams, cheeses, Nutella and Jams Tigella tastingTigella tasting Tigella tastingTigella tasting Tigella tastingTigella tasting Tigella tastingTigella tasting Tigella tastingTigella tasting delicious filled with Nutelladelicious filled with Nutella single Tigella filled as you likesingle Tigella filled as you like Tigella filled with Mortadella hamTigella filled with Mortadella ham Tigella makerTigella maker


Our target is creating a brand that means Italian guarantee of quality and open more and more national (and who knows... international, by franchising) retail points starting from Oxford or London.

Possible Bistrot DesignPossible Bistrot Design Possible Bistrot Design in Oxford/LondonPossible Bistrot Design in Oxford/London Possible Bistrot designPossible Bistrot design


Then I moved last January in UK, nearby Oxford, separating myself from my twin brother still living in Italy. This choice to advance in our project. Infact it was essential that I knew better British culture and its market before starting something up in here.

After almost 1 year of experience in working in Food & Beverage environment, catering and so on... I feel ready to proceed furtherly on my project and realize my dream, Step by Step!

I know that it is a big project that involves a huge exertion of time and money, That it's why I prefer to be careful with all details and make sure it had success.


Next important step, for wich I ask your Precious and Valuable contribute, regards its promotion and Test by mobile catering stall/trailer/van, around most trafficated places in UK, that may also help people to get to know our Italian quality products.

I am going to use Survey research as well to find out how much and what exactly, among products offered, customers appreciate.

Thanks to this Test, that should lasts at least 4-6 month, We will be able finally to determine the best way to star up our 1° EATALIAN DREAM in Oxford or London within end of spring (May-June).

For all that I initially need of 15.000£ within end of January or February beginning, Very Important to have the right push toward our dream fulfillment !


 - Mobile catering stall/trailer: 1500/4000£

 - Single portable electric hob: 100£

- Slicer: 150£

 - Vacuum Packing Machine: 100£

- Fridge: 400£

 - Food Warmer: 350£

 - Kitchen Tools/furniture: 500£

 - Generator: 500£

 - First Supply of products from Italy: 1500£

 - Insurance: 400£

 - Licences: 100£

 - Street food Pitches/spot fee (6 month): 1800£

- Advertisement, prints, Marketing, Survey: 2500£

- Web site/E-commerce: 2500£

- Employees wages (2 month x 2 part-time) : 2500£

Street food Market StallStreet food Market Stall Street food Market StallStreet food Market Stall Mobile TrailerMobile Trailer Mobile Catering VanMobile Catering Van


Once obtained the Amount of 15.000£ I would have the great Joy to Join my twin brother that would come here to work hardly with me upon project. Realize finally the "Eatalian Dream" Project would be for us really a dream come true! We'll never forget whoever partake in this funds raising campaign! We will be grateful Forever and, Obviously, you would be very welcome in our Gourmet Bistrot where you will receive a heartfelt gift!

For any further information you wanted, just contact me. I'll be glad to answer to every your question.

If interested to finance entire project I'd like to hear you and have a chat for all details about a partnership.

I did my best to be simple and clear and write correctly but I have to apologize in advance for any error I could have done in English language.


Best Regards

Flavio and Gabriele Miccoli

Risks and challenges

In this first step Project we'll have few or no competitor in starting point aerea being product offered original and unkown. The Challenge will be to get to know properly our product to the most of people in few time available and make appreciate them. I am not absolutely worried about that, I believe very much in this project and especially in Good taste of persons!