Duke Energy

Duke Energy

DUKE a NEW High quality Energy Drink, Made from only 100% Natural Ingredients launching soon. Please help an exciting and unique project.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

DUKE is a NEW High quality Energy Drink.  DUKE Energy Drink is a lifesyle product, an inspirational product- one which consumers want to buy and be seen with.  

Unlike most other brands that are un-natural, DUKE is different...it is 100% Natural. 

Using only 100% Natural ingredients, including natural caffeine from coffee beans and together with other ingredients; DUKE energy is free of artificial flavour, additives and preservatives.  Providing a sustained release of inner energy. This and natural flavourings make it fruitier and more refreshing than other energy drinks.

All DUKE products are further characterised by the following:

• No taurine

• No artificial colours or preservatives

• Vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free and halal.

DUKE covers a broad spectrum of consumer interests and needs.

It does not only respond to a variety of taste preferences, but it also suits different lifestyles and eating habits whilst continuing with the ever growing healthy eating trend.  DUKE Energy has its core in the definition of the word, its of high ranking and quality, from its ingredeints to its packaging and branding.

After the first manufactured run, we will enter 3 key markets that have already pledged significant orders.  These will catapult our business into an area for growth, new product development and financial stability that will alow us to expand into more territories.

We'd love you to be a part of us bringing something new to the energy industry and, if we hit our target, we'll invite you to join us at our exclsuive launch party!

Kind regards

Nick and the Team