The Duane Prinz Project

Funding for replacements of music production software to complete debut album...

Funding for replacements of music production software to complete debut album:

Duane Prinz is an aspiring Recording Artist based in Manchester, England. Raised single handedly by his mother and the youngest of four children, he began to develop his talent and passion for music at the tender age of six as a form of escapism from his turbulent surroundings.

"From the moment I put voice to mic, pen to paper, instrument to track; I knew that this was the reason that I was put on this release the echoing sirens of music taunting me from my own soul"

Although Duane Prinz is a Recording Artist in the early days of his career, he has a consistent command of the direction he is headed. An unwavering artistry second to none, he is enabled with the gift to create light from darkness. Currently in the pre-production stages of his debut release, he is steadily imprinting his name around the Manchester music scene.

Undoubtedly Pop, his captivating spark shines through the heavy undertones of R&B, Hip Hop and Soul.

"My youth is shrouded in the banging rhythms of Motown, the declaration of struggle in Hip Hop and the unbelievable acrobatics of R&B vocalists. This is where my home is and this is what I incorporate into my artistry..."

Relentlessly creating new songs daily, the singer is always discovering new ways to interpret his pleasures and pains into a variety of sounds and journeys. The first taste of his up & coming project, Imperfect Possession, is a dark work of art that features a harrowing shrill of operatic background vocals layered behind the depths of an acoustic guitar. From the moment the dark lyrical content intertwines with the sweet rhythmic vocals, the journey to Duanation begins.