Dorset Action on Abuse (DAA)

DAA's mission is to relieve the suffering and distress of men and women over the age of 16 who are survivors of child abuse

Did you know that one in four of the British population has experienced some form of abuse as a child? In Dorset alone that is 188,000 people. Dorset Action on Abuse (DAA) has been working since 2004 to relieve the distress and suffering that these survivors carry into their adulthood.

From feelings of hopelessness through to thoughts of suicide, the difficulties experienced in coping with everyday life can include depression, anxiety, fear, an inability to trust others as well as chronic physical symptoms. All seriously limit childhood abuse survivors’ hopes for a happy, fulfilling life.

Prior to 2004 there was no service in place to help these people move passed their childhood traumas and we remain the only specialised organisation in Dorset able to provide this much needed service.

We need your help to continue to do so and are asking you to consider a gift towards our work. By way of example of how your support will help here is an extract of Linda’s* story:

I was sexually abused as a child from 9 – 16 and was in complete and utter denial. I am now 45 years old and it’s only in the last year that I’ve admitted to myself that what happened was abuse. When I was referred to DAA (by my NHS counsellor) and had my 1st session, I came out and burst into tears; at last I had found someone who understood my situation, understood how horrible it is to talk about and would be able to help me. It is through DAA’s support that I have felt able and strong enough to apply and secure a full time job and to create healthy relationships with my family and friends. To me DAA are truly an all-encompassing life saving charity”.

DAA relies totally on voluntary income and receives no long-term central or local NHS funding. The current service was established through a Lottery grant, which ended in 2014. DAA has been very fortunate to secure a BIG Lottery “Reaching Communities” grant of £300,000 partially covering the funding required for the next five years. DAA, however, still has to raise £35,000 pa to cover the annual running costs. Funding applications to local Trusts, the generosity of the general public and support from local Councils, Rotaries and similar groups has helped to maintain the service.

As a guide for how your gift might help; £97 would pay for the initial assessment. £1470 would pay for counselling for one client; typically this lasts up to one year.

This year we have 12 members of Team DAA running in the Bournemouth Marathon Festival hoping to raise at least £2,500 of the much needed funds required to run DAA ... they would love your help to reach this target!