Dogs4Rescue are working hard and saving dogs in the UK and overseas. Help us keep caring for Zeb and Sherry our more needy dogs.

Dogs4Rescue are working hard and saving dogs both in the UK and overseas.

The rescue has a 'No Kennel' policy, so all the dogs are well socialised with others and are never stuck in a cage during their stay here.

We have 2 dogs who have been here for a while and their care is costing us. We need help with covering costs of their care and to help us promote these two beauties to hopefully find them their forever homes.

Zeb below:

Zeb, a stunning 5 year old Collie cross who was rescued from Bulgaria. He is a large dog, who is great with other dogs. He's nervous of strangers but once he has bonded he does act as a guard dog. He needs an experienced, patient and assertive owner who can show him the way. He's been here for 2 years now and his care can be costly.

Sherry below:

Sherry is a 5 year old gem. She was shot, and paralysed. As a result she had to have her legs and tail removed. Despite this she is the most sweet-natured, loving dog. She loves running through the fields on her wheels and is great with all the animals at the rescue including dogs, cats, pigs, chickens and ducks. Because of her double incontinence she needs to eat raw food. We need support with the costs of caring for her.