Doctor Who: The Missing Adventures

Doctor Who: The Missing Adventures

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TARGET HAS BEEN REACHED! Thank you all so much. I don't know how to close the project, but I accidentally chose an option that means wait until close date. So please don't donate unnecessary! And thank you very much! :) 

In 2014, we produced Doctor Who fan-audio dramas featuring Christopher Thomson as the Second Doctor (played originally by Patrick Troughton) - Red Snow, Freedom Of The Daleks and Her House.

This year, we've returned to do two more stories to wrap up the series with our Cyberman story, The Patient Menace, and an epic finale with the return of Salamander!

As these have been fan-made productions, we naturally have released the audios for free. The audios were produced for entertainment purposes with non-profiting aims. We have hosted the audios on Bandcamp, which comes with 200 free download credits per month.

Now we didn't expect the audios to prove so popular, that we've used up all 200 credits since the release of Episode 2 of The Patient Menace on Friday 7th, by Sunday 9th. So we purchased, out of our own pocket, for 300 additional free downloads. Once all the credits are used up, the audios are then charged for - which for legal reasons, we cannot do. 

So what's the point of this Crowdfunder? The jist is that we have used nearly 300 credits up since Sunday 9th, and today is Tuesday 11th. And I can't spare an additional £10 for more credits.

To ensure our audience can benefit the series, for free, we'd need to purchase more credits. Hence this Crowdfunder. But we're only asking for a total of £20, which will ensure 1000 download credits. And then we should be okay from here on. 

So how can we sweeten the deal of paying a little for for others to enjoy for free?

Well, we will share with you an advanced copy of the exciting conclusion to Episode 3, plus an additional sneak peak of our finale, The Enemy Of The Universe. And all of this BEFORE everyone else.

If you'd like to donate, even something as small as £2 towards, it would be a great help to us and we'd be extremely grateful.