DSN (Do Something New)

DSN (Do Something New)

Our aim is to create a guide for various different categories for the public in their living town! You'll be surprised at the variety!

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Do Something New (DSN) - www.dsnlondon.com

Ninety-one percent of all adults have their mobile phone within arm’s reach every hour of every day. That is huge! You are probably reading this on your phone now! Or if you are reading this from a computer or laptop but how far away is your phone?!

My aim is to provide a service to the general public and educate them on local businesses which they didn't know existed!  

How many times have you been with your friends and family and have wanted to do something new! Something adventurous, just not sure exactly what? With DSN, you will be able to have information at your fingertips! 
You could be shown the Closest Mini golf, swimming pool, paintballing, go karting, bowling, tennis, cinema, gyms, spas', snooker bars and many more within seconds! You will be spoilt for choice! Not only will you be able to see the different varieties, you will be able to organise events with your friends and family for future dates!

DSN will be a platform containing information for the public to find activities in their chosen location. How I aim to do this is to provide information and promote business for our clients, such as the address, opening hours and prices for the different activities. This will be done via an online website and a mobile phone application. This application will allow people to be able to create a profile and create their own personal events and plan excursions and integrate it with their social life.

There is also a one of the reason to my pledge.
If every adult in the UK spent just £5 per week in their local shops and businesses instead of online, at the supermarket or with the huge multinationals. It would be worth approximately £13.5 BILLION going back into our towns which will mean real jobs! Better Facilities! Nicer places to live.  Makes you think doesn't it?! Now I know there is going to be some people saying I have no chance of getting everyone to spend £5 per week in their local business, however I am definitely going to try to make a difference and that will be with a smile :).
(Source: totallylocally.org/blog/small-numbers-with-big-impact)

The website you I have uploaded is done byself, I am not a professional web developer however am learning! Also I am working on the website daily to get it finished as soon as possible!

Also I am the first supporter/pledger for my page. If I don't believe in myself - you won't!

Thank you for your time! If you have any questions or have any input, please feel free to email me

Kunal Jarodia