Didi's Boutique - Expansion

A Charities project Altrincham, United Kingdom

Didi's Boutique - Expansion

Help Marie to make the Boutique more noticeable, overhaul the 'no frills' website and spread the Didi's love over the UK!

I bought the Didi's Boutique business almost a year ago and I have in recent months (following a Crowdfunder campaign back in August) been able to rebrand the business from a 'modern' fashion store to a 1950s themed boutique containing vintage repro clothing for ladies, gents and children. Although I did not reach target the first time round, I did receive enough pledges to cover the cost of making decorative changes to the store and also stock the fabulous childrens range. I have since introduced monthly fashion shows to Didi's aswell, inviting customers to take part whilst having mini makeovers by beauty experts and receiving complimentary photos of the event, taken by a professional photographer.

I am now looking to make the shop more noticeable in my local area, sort out the (hand-made, Blue Peter-esque) website and expand the Didi's experience even further by 'branching out' - I have managed to secure a spot in the World famous Afflecks Palace in Manchester, on a 'pop up' basis, commencing in April (with the view to permanent residency at some point)

Lastly, I am now the sole UK stockist of the US brand Rockabetty Bags and I will be working with Rockabetty to promote and grow their brand in the UK.

This is a very exciting time for me but unfortunately, I am yet again in a position where I am unable to secure business funding or a grant to help me afford to go forward (due to factors including the business being over 2 years old, not taking a certain amount of ££s per month and strangely enough, my old age of 36!!) Therefore I am turning to customers and friends once more, as the people who pledge will receive 'treats' in return for their kindness and support.


The full breakdown of what is ideally needed:

New signage to front of store/A Boards: £500

New Website: £1500

Digital Signage (for entrance): £200

Additional Stock for Pop-Up Shows/Residency: £2500

Marketing tools for pop ups: £300

Additional Stock for the Boutique (Shoes, Rockabetty Bags) £1000


What you will receive for pledging:

Not only will you receive a big hug when I see you, but you will also receive a gift when pledging. Gifts vary from lifetime discounts to headscarves, to rockabilly jewellery and of course, to dresses! I now stock brands such as Collectif, Rockabetty Bags, Voodoo Vixen and (coming soon) Swedish-based Miss Candyfloss clothing.

What happens if I do not reach my Goal?

I have opted for the Flexible Funding option, therefore if I do not reach my goal, I will still receive the monies pledged and you will still receive your reward.


And Lastly...

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about my campaign. Also may I send a massive thank you to all of my friends and customers who have supported me in the last 10 months. It really is appreciated and I hope I can make you all proud going forward. I love helping ladies (and little ladies) look and feel fabulous within their own skin.


Marie xx