Developing Children Through Rhyme

Developing Children Through Rhyme

Supply 200 pre-schools a beautifully illustrated rhyming picture book to engage/develop children in reading at an early age.


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My Project...

My Bunny is a beautifully illustrated rhyming picture book for children.  
With your help, I want to publish this book and provide local pre-schools with a copy for their children to enjoy and help them learn and develop reading.

Rhyme helps children progress with reading - google 'the benefit of rhymes' for more information and evidence.

How Will I Use The Funds...


The book narrative and illustrations are complete.  I will publish the book through a quality established publisher.  
They will; typeset the book, allocate an ISBN number, provide bibliographic data management, provide British Library legal deposit, proof revisions and cover work finalisation.  They will then arrange the printing of the book in sufficient numbers to satisfy the pre-schools and the rewards.

My initial target is based on supplying 200 pre-schools/libraries with a physical copy of the book. 

I have added a stretch target - the more I raise the more pre-schools will benefit.  I will continue to provide updates with how many more pre-schools benefit as donations arrive outside of the initial target.

Who Am I... 

I am a children's author, passionate about fostering the love of reading in children of all ages.  Why?  It's a personal story...
My children brought books home with complex character and place names.  When reading at bed time they paused everytime they came to one of these names which in turn broke the flow of reading.  This caused visible frustration and put them off reading, knocking their confidence.  This resulted in one of them falling significantly behind the rest of the class.  Not content to let this happen, I took a course in children's book writing and after many screwed up pieces of paper I finished my first book.  I wanted my book to be different.  I wanted it to cover a wide age group.  I wanted it to be a book that was enjoyed by children and adults and read time after time again.  I succeeded - my first book, Escape from Nettle Farm, has received 5* reviews at Troubador Publishing; Goodreads; Waterstones and Amazon with lovely feedback.  

I am currently in contact with a number of local schools to read to their children.  I am also focusing on ‘reach’ and engaging local radio stations and websites where some blogs will soon appear!


Please check out the incentives.  If you have any ideas about other incentives I can offer, please do let me know.  Please offer whatever you can and share with your friends and family. 

 I am so grateful for all of your support, I could not do it without you.

Thank you.