Help us raise the capital to create a new local workshop for our brand.

Hi, my name is Grant Wesgate and over the past 20 years I have been working on engines. I'm very experienced and have worked in petrol, diesel and even jet propulsion. I have been self employed since I was in my early twenties and for the past 5 years worked for other workshops providing specialist work and looking after a small group of loyal customers.

Last year a good friend of mine became my business partner and invested a small amount of money into some new technology to enable us to expand our services. I have also recently put together an ecommerce web site in order to sell aftermarket performance parts around the world.

I currently carry out mechanical work at a small workshop based within a friends car sales business but as I have gained more business I feel it is about time to expand and get our own workshop.

We would be based in Port Skewett in South Wales and are looking to support local business's and vehicle owners alike. This premises would also allow us to expand our remapping and engine tuning services as well as offering a fitment centre for the goods we sell from our website. 

Aren't you just another garage?

Well fundamentally yes it will be a garage but we are aiming a little higher than this. We have already purchased world leading engine management hardware and software giving us the ability to reprogram an enormous amount of vehicle ECU's. Whilst at the moment we primarily upgrade cars/vans we wish to expand into motorcycles, trucks, agricultural vehicles and even marine. 

One of our customers favourite services is our collection and delivery service. We have promoted this to business's in the local area and has been well received. Our service allows customers to stay at home/work while we take care of everything for them. 

We have some great ideas that are all customer focussed and would love the opportunity to put them in place.

What was that about a website?

I have built an ecommerce website for the company and have suppliers from around the UK on board. We will be supplying products around the world and offering a fitting service at our new workshop.

Why do you need crowdfunder?

In order to secure the new premises we need to raise over £2000 and the remaining money would be used for workshop equipment. I work hard to support my family, but sourcing the money to achieve my dream has proven difficult. We have three children and a small mortgaged house which generally relevies me of my wages each month and we aren't a family with huge savings or salable assets.

Why should I help you?

That's a question that popped into my head as being probably the most important one of all and it's the most difficult one to answer. I'm simply a hard working person that want's to provide for his family, my dream is to create a brand with Deutschwerx that is known by car enthusiasts around the world and one day be involved in the motorsport world. So my honest anwer would be by helping me, no matter how small the donation, you would be helping me fulfil an ambition and giving me a step toward a successful business that I will continue to grow and develop for as long as I'm able!