Designated Learning Centres for children aged 8-18

A group of Qualified Teachers and Professionals wishing to provide quality tuition, learning support and mentorship where it is most needed.

We are a group of Qualified Teachers and Educational Professionals who wish to provide quality tuition, learning support and mentorship to children aged 8-18 in some of the most neglected parts of the United Kingdom. 

Our first centre will be in North Manchester in an area surrounded by 11 state schools where current A-C attainment at GCSE is less than 40%. These children have the ambition and the will to succed, but what they require is some support end encouragment, and for once to be told that they CAN SUCCEED and to be showed that their achievement is of an interest to their peers and teachers. 

Most of our students come from BME backgrounds and we believe that a good education will provide the skills needed for these children to become successful adults in the future and in doing so provide a better tomorrow for themselves, their families and the wider community as a whole.

We have already identified the right locations and secured the use of these facilities, we have a bank of expert professionals in all subjects willing to give their time, what we require now is additional funding to help bring the premises up to regulatory standards as well as provide a range of updated and useful resources to help the students achieve their targets. 

All profits made from the business will be re-invested into creating further centres around the North West and then further a field. All our teachers are willing to volunteer their time to ensure as little pressure as possible on the business.

Help us to get the funding we require to help create a better future for all.