Dental recruitment job board

There is currently a shortage of qualified dental and indeed medical professionals within the UK. Creating an affordable job board.

There is currently a shortage of qualified dental and indeed medical professionals within the UK.

Budgets have never been tighter and yet the NHS and private dental practices are forced to spend millions every year on agency fees for staff.

For smaller practices this cost is simply not affordable. For them this means that they will not be able to secure staff to cover the increasing number of patients they may have. 

For the NHS this means that budgets get spent on paying over the odds for medical contractors instead of improving the service they provide.

As an experienced recruiter and with experience in the dental profession, I aim to provide a dedicated online platform initially focussed on the dental profession.

The service will be simple and provide affordable advertising to dental practices of all sizes that have a staffing requirement - this will be delivered in the form of an online job board.

User friendly, it will attract dental professionals to use the site in order to apply for positions they may otherwise have been unaware exist.

Cost effective, smaller dental practices and clinics will be easily able to afford to advertise - we will cost tens of pounds rather than hundreds and in some cases thousands as charged by other companies.

Dedicated, we will work only within the dental profession and provide accurate advertising for vacancies of all levels within the sector on one site.

Funding this project is about spreading the word and getting our name and brand Into the market place, along with initial web set up.

We have a company in place for short term site while the main launch would be released in 12-24 months.

We are a business and we aim to make a profit, however we are a business with an interest in increasing the number of jobs secured for dentists and dental professionals and indeed saving the employers money that can be otherwise invested.