Deepings Swimming Club Timing Board

Deepings Swimming Club is a small friendly club. We are looking to raise funds for a new timing board.

Who are we?

Deepings Swimming Clubs is a small friendly club that competes, and often wins, against much larger clubs, thanks to the professionalism and dedication of both the swimmers and coaches.

What do we need?

We are looking to raise funds for a new timing board, the existing one is over 20 years old and slowly falling to pieces.

Two out of the six lines do not work so if you come second or sixth in a race you can't see your times. We have had an engineer look at it and the problem is the motherboard, which can't be replaced as the board is old and that part is now redundant so the only solution is to purchase a new board. We require a Colorado Timing Board which is compatible with our timing system.

The board isn't just used for our own swimmers - the club hosts its own galas and league meets, which really help with raising valuable funds for the club.  However, the club is in danger of having to stop doing these due to the non-functioning board. People coming to galas expect to be able to see the times achieved by their swimmers in races.

Why support us?

This year marks our 40th anniversary year and we are truly proud to still be producing first class swimmers. Above all, we aim to encourage a love of swimming and it would be amazing if we could buy this new board to see the club out for at least the next 20 years, and help train a whole new generation of swimmers.