Declan is nearly blind. Please help.

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Declan is nearly blind. Please help.

Declan is nearly blind. Please help to raise £4000 so he can have an operation to save his sight.

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Declan is nearly blind. Please help to raise £4000 so he can have an operation to save his sight.

Hi, my name is Declan, I am 5 years old and I am a Corgi/Terrier mix. I was rescued from a life of hurt and pain four years ago and my new dad, Brian, has looked after me since then.

When I first moved in with dad, I was really scared of people with walking sticks and I hated vans going past. I was so scared that I would snap at people but I soon learned that my dad would protect me and I stopped snapping and let all of dads family play with me. What a different life I lead now from those dark days as a puppy. I love all my friends, humans and animals and they love me too.

I have had a few problems with my health, such as kidney failure (Fanconi Syndrome), ligament injuries, a melanoma removed and diabetes. Now, because of the diabetes, I am nearly blind. Dad has done his best as always but we have reached the limit of my insurance that dad got for me. 

I had an assessment with a specialist and he said I could have an operation to restore my sight ( Bilateral cataract extraction by phacoemulsification)... Yeah, it is a long word...

The specialist man said I should have my operation as soon as possible, before there is any deteriation to my eyeballs. A bit scary, I thought. Dad as always tried to help. He has run his bank account into his full overdraft (whatever that means...) and has sold some things but he says it is not enoug.

Dad had the idea that maybe some friends would help and he said that there was lots of people like him who might help because they were dog lovers and animal lovers.

I am only 5 years old, it would be my best doggy wish to see properly for the rest of my life 'cos I still have a lot of years to run and play and bark and snuggle and spend with my dad.

If you can help me get the money for the operation, that would be amazing. If you dont have much money, you could send your love and wishes to me every night before you go to bed. 

Woof ! woof ! licks !

Declan xx 

Please note... This is not a charity project as shown in Type Of Organisation. This is an Individual project to save Declans sight. The Program will not let me edit it. Thank you.