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dashboards | io intends to offer individuals and companies a way for them to monitor all the public facing systems in their business as well

dashboards | io intends to offer individuals and companies a way for them to monitor all the public facing systems in their business as well as allow them to send their own information from their internal systems. We are then providing the user(s) with simple clear views of the status of their business giving them metrics to act on as well as trend analysis and further information.

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More info on the project

Take a website as an example. A user visits their site and see's the site is down. This is potentially lost revenue for the owner. With dashboards | io we proactively notify the owner when their site is down, is potentially going down or is simply running slow. This is just one aspect of many that dashboards | io offers. We intend to provide assurances for many different types of systems and have also identified potential niches that other similar applications have not.

What have we done so far

For 5 months we have had 1 UK developer and 2 Indian developers work on individual components that each provide information into the master site. We have created 8 Dash Item views so far.

These Dash Item views are called:

Up / Down
Traffic Light
Bar Chart

Each of these are affected by, at present, 4 Dash Item controls.

There are:

Web Ping
Page Check

We can explain these in more detail later but each performs a function and can represent their information using most of the Dash Item views giving a good range of flexibility to the end user.

Other accomplishments so far:

Architecture created
Servers setup
Memberships created
API Guide and Dash Item Guide created
Scheduling application built
Dashboards created
Subset of Dash Items running against live servers
Key domain names acquired.

Where we make money

We have come up with a pricing model and trial model that will simply make it an easy process for business' to subscribe on a monthly or annual basis. We aim for a mass market with small individual recurring costs.

What we will use your money for

Initially we want to continue using 1 UK developer and 2 Indian programmers for 3 months to complete the remaining Dash Items, the remainder of the dashboard application and the public facing marketing site. The remaining money raised will be used to market the application through Adwords, social media and sponsorship. We aim to have many professionals using this software as a critical component to their business before the end of 2016.

Our target market

There are several types of market we are aiming the product and services to. The first is the individual. They will have the ability to trial the product for 30 days and then be given the opportunity to subscribe to a basic package at low cost. A business user is also given the same option but is expected to opt for a greater tier providing more functionality and at a higher cost. We initially have 4 levels of available functionality giving more power to the user the more expensive the package gets.

Marketing strategy

 As with most products in the IT space we aim to use popular search engines, social media and word of mouth to spread the abilities of this software. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are all ideal platforms for this to become well known to individuals and business's.

Beating the competition

We've spent a lot of time researching and breaking down competitors software and the weakness's and strength from these were taken into account in the design and roadmap of dashboards | io. In terms of price and cost of running the applications we require a low volume of users to cover the costs of the day to day running and scaling will by far cost less than the cost a percent of users will pay. We aim to deliver reliable software, fast services and great support to our customers with constant feature updates.