API documentation v1.0 Beta


The Crowdfunder API  works as a Json feed and is queried using URL get variables, before you can access it you need to obtain an API key, simply email us at the address at the bottom of this page to obtain a key.




brings back a complete list of all current live projects This currently is working on test data once api is in beta this will be live


The name variable makes it so the user can search for their own project by name and bring back all the relevant details


The cat variable is used to search projects by category these are returned in an unsorted list.

Current categories are


  • community
  • business
  • environment
  • arts
  • publishing
  • music
  • film and theatre
  • food and drink

This call can also be used to search campaigns

Current live campaigns are

  • Crowdfund Cornwall
  • Crowdfunding Charities

As these categories and campaigns are updated so will this documentation.




The limit variable is use to limit a queries results if the limit is higher than the returned records the full set will be returned




The order variable is used to order a sets results this has  3 set commands


order=funded – Returns the set ordered by the amount currently pledged desc

order=date – returns the set ordered by date the records was created desc

order=amount – returns the set ordered by the amount of funding requested desc


Example query using all values



Project Fields

Project Fields brought back with Json


project_num - number of project

project_name- name of project 

url_ext - url extension

short_desc- short description

long_desc- long description

pledge_request- Financing requested

current_pledge- current funding amount 

length_in_days- project length

start_date- project start date

video- project video

image_extension- extension for image associated with the project 

category- project category



Feedback and questions


Please contact support@crowdfunder.co.uk


The API is currently an open Beta, we would appreciate any feedback you have be sent to support@crowdfunder.co.uk