New creative studio space needs help! In return for helping me you'll receive 8 curated collections of creative materials to your door.

Can you help?  I'm about to make a long held dream a reality by establishing a creative space for families that enables creative play & exploration. I've created a website  Which will tell you more about my plans....  

This crowdfunder appeal is to help raise some of the capital needed to get going. I'm looking for 50 people to give £30 in return for some pretty nice rewards! 

Each supprter will get 8 deliveries over 24 weeks of specially curated creative materials for your little ones to play with & be inspired by.

This is a service I will be offering when established but together with the £5 voucher you'll also receive this crowdfunder appeal gives you a better deal :)

You can read more about the 'Packs by Post' concept on my website.

I hope you can help - no matter where in the UK you live I can post creative surprises to you and your family.... And you can help me realise a dream. 

Thanks so so much for taking the time to look at this.

vanessa x

Here is what the studio space looks like now.... You can see it needs some love & light... 

... And here's some more materials - had painted paper & foil shapes... the reward packs are not just your usual craft stuff.... They are carefully selected, sourced and made specially for you... X