To raise funds to eable us to purchase new sewing machines for our Childrens sewing groups.

I run a childrens sewing group, MAKE! 3 evenings a week and an adult sessions for older lady's once a week.

At present we have 26 children & 4 adults who attend MAKE! every week but only 7 sewing machines. There is a lot of waiting around by the children whilst we change over threads and whilst others are using the machines.

Most of the children come from low income backgrounds and I only charge £5 per

head per class.

I have 1 paid helper without whom the classes would not run.

I'm after funding for 5 new machines along with threads, needles and pins.

At present I supply the patterns at trade and fabrics.

We've been running for 5 years and our youngest kids are just 7. Paige has been with us for around 18 months, her parents have tried everything with her, swimming, Brownies, gymnastics but she soon grew bored. With MAKE!  she looks forward to coming every week. So far we have made Shabby Chic hearts, a patchwork cushon, an apron, mock cross over tops I then allowed the children to chose either a top or a dress. Paige was one of the first to finish despite being one of the youngest. Paige has now started her sewing bible detailing all the skills she has learnt.

Antony is our only boy and a budding Paul Smith! The jacket has been made wit

We are desparate for more sewing machines and accessories such as pins, needles and threads.

If a child does not chose sewing or textiles as a GCSE option the chances of them even seeing a sewing machine are slim. Our local academies are currently removing textiles from their curriculums. I'd love to see basic sewing back on the school curriculum children being able to sew on buttons or practice "make do and mend". Thank you so much for taking the time to read about my project. I hope my love and enthusiasm for teaching sewing has come across and that you will be able to support us. Unfortunately we are not in a position to repay any funding but I know the children would love to make you a thank you gift. Thank you MAKE!