Cpcs 360 training

i am trying to set up a self sufficient eco school. To do this and earn the money i am trying to take my cpcs 360 excavator licence

Hi my name is Victoria, i am an incredibly free spirited and adventurous 23year old with big dreams and big plans. After leaving school at 16 and getting an apprenticeship straight away in electrical engineering at a steelworks, and working in this industry for 7years now i have realised i am not happy. I do not want to be in the rat race. I want to live off the grid how in my eyes nature intended. I can afford to do this on my own without crowd funding. But i want to share, i want to teach! I want to show people a different lifestyle to that which we are all brought up with conventionally. I want to show people you can live off the land and be at peace with nature. I want to show people there is another way as apposed to cuties and technology and computers! I want to build a sort of school or community where people can come and learn this and be self sufficient on site.  Eventually it would be my dream to create a completely self sufficient school for parents who want something different for their child, but which also teaches the necessary school qualifications such as maths and English. I have a plan as to how to make this happen myself. Im in a catch 22, i have a full time job which just about covers me month to month but means i cannot afford to save up to gain more qualifications to help me earn more money to start setting my dream eco school up. The money i am asking for via this crowd funding is to go towards a cpcs 360 excavator qualification which will allow me to find work that will double my wage so i can start putting my own money towards my eco school project, and will also double as a major skill that will help me in building the eco school.