Coventry Asylum and Refugee Action Group

We are a support and campaign group for asylum seekers and refugees in the UK.

Project aim

To raise funds to keep our group running.

About the project

We are a support and campaign group to support asylum and refugees in the UK, mainly in the Midlands area. Most of our members have personal experience of the asylum system. We meet once a week and share a meal together. People can bring problems to the group and get advice and share their experiences, and we also do some campaigning for long-term change in the system for equality. Some of the problems we face are destitution (having no support or right to work), detention and housing as well as navigating the asylum system and referrals for members who are in difficult circumstances. We need money for food and travel as many of our members are destitute and have no money for transport. We also want to be able to get speakers to attend our meetings to address questions and educate our members. And to be able to travel to events or campaigns with similar groups around the UK. We also want to produce materials to raise awareness and influence policy on asylum in the UK. 

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