18:22 06/Jul/2015

A brilliant idea, I've met Lucy and hope to meet you all at the launch!
Good luck with this amazing project.
Anna ( Mum to another disabled young person with courage and humour)

07:59 03/Jul/2015

Hoping and praying you reach the target so that your dreams can come true and many others can benefit from what looks like an amazing book to be produced! Way to go Lucy,Tori and Sam. You're all amazing and fantastically inspirational x

18:24 29/Jun/2015

I really want to be reading this book in October! Praying you make the target xxxx

16:54 29/Jun/2015

hope you can make the target lucy best of luck

15:51 28/Jun/2015

Determined that we can reach the target and help Lucy, Tori and Sam to share their inspirational stories. Good luck XXX

17:01 15/Jun/2015

Hope you make the target Lucy. Very best wishes from Jill & Mary of Kent Spaniels Walking Group.

21:16 09/Jun/2015

I've been inspired by reading Lucy's blogs and can't wait to read more. Hope everyone who reads this pledges as much as they can to make it happen!

15:34 09/Jun/2015

Fantastic project and very much hope you reach the target ... x

15:23 09/Jun/2015

Best of luck with this everyone! Love, Andy & Lou (Lamb)

01:36 07/Jun/2015

WELL DONE FOR THE INSPIRATION AND DO HOPE THE BOOK IS PUBLISHED AS IT WILL HELP SO MANY OTHERS. In the past I have been team manager for children with disabilities and special needs and had to fight for every service...I will ensure that the past members of the team are is now a year since 1 team member died of cancer and she was a great fighter for services for this is a great way for me to let her memory live on..although the striving for services and information should not have to happen and young peoples' lives should not be made more difficult...VERY GOOD LUCKX

00:32 07/Jun/2015

Best wishes - this is an important project and I do hope the book will be published! The strength and courage, determination, independence and selflessness are inspirational.

Thank you!

08:44 04/Jun/2015

All the best to all of you for taking on this worthwhile project. Can't wait to see the finished book.

You are all such amazing young people and can teach the world so much. I truly wish you every success with your project and trust that we can raise the target of £12,000 with so much positivity around us. xxx

07:28 02/Jun/2015

Pleased to support such inspirational people and really hope the target is reached xxxx

19:28 01/Jun/2015

Good Luck everyone, looking forward to seeing you all succeed with your book!! This site will not allow me to choose my T-shirt size, but I would like a ladies size 10 please! xxx Thank you!! xx Danielle Haupt

19:44 31/May/2015

A truly brilliant project. Good luck to you and make sure you thoroughly enjoy the writing process.
Thank you for sharing your story,

19:58 29/May/2015

This is a fabulous project, so much wisdom to share, I'm looking forward to reading the book! Good luck

16:37 29/May/2015

Brilliant project! My 2 year old son has Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2 and I want to encourage him in life as much as I can. What better way to illustrate that than a book like this? I really do hope you reach the target- I can't wait to read it and then him read it when he is older. Thank you. Rosie x

21:46 28/May/2015

Wishing you every success with this meaningful project.

12:21 28/May/2015

Good luck with such an immensely worthwhile project. D&M Manley

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