Country Music Radio

Country Music Radio

Sunshine Radio are hoping to Lanch 24/7 soon , Some great Rewards for you for every Amount which is Donated . so Get Donating Today

Unfortunately this project was not successful

On 8th Dec 2016 our project closed

Hi , Country Music Radio is a Station also Known As Sunshine Radio UK , We are Planning on Launching our station to 24/7 on the 1 st December , But we need your help to make this Happen , to make us go 24/7 we have to get some funding which requireds a lot of work , so we are giving away some great Goodies when Our Goal Reaches  we will be giving away some radio Airtime , T-shirts  and Stickers . 

The money that is Raised will let us go 24/7 . To go 24/7 we need at least £700 for 2 years of us going to 24/7  , if you want to see us go 24/7 then get Donating today .