Counsellors for Schools

A Social Enterprise project Tendring, Essex

Counsellors for Schools

I'm aiming to help at least 50 young people needing counselling because of toxic and abusive relationships in and out of the home

Unfortunately this project was not successful

On 15th Nov 2016 our project closed



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Essex County Council has withdrawn funds to provide much needed counsellors in schools and my aim as a counsellor specialising in abuse issues is to raise enough money to enable me to go into schools to fill that gap.  The NSPCC estimates it costs £200 per child based on 10 sessions for each child.   For every 10 sessions I can secure funding for I shall donate the same amount of voluntary hours, meaning that £5,000 will provide 25 children 10 hours of counselling, meaning that there is the potential for giving 50 young people who've been abused or are in abusive relationships the help they desperately need.  Abuse is on the increase on a daily basis in both the real and the virtual world.   As a nation we need to break the cycle of abuse caused by learnt behaviour in order to protect future generations