Help Zachary pay for counselling

Help Zachary pay for counselling

Zachary has been struggling with several issues over the past few years, and needs professional help that is not available through the NHS.

We did it!

On 23rd Nov 2017 we successfully raised £811 of £780 target with 30 supporters in 56 days

Zachary is an ambitious young music student, but his ability to complete his studies has been deeply affected by various problems, many of which are as a result of being a low-income, mentally-ill, trans, bisexual & polyamorous person.

- Gender dysphoria and gender identity issues

- 12-month delay in access to NHS gender identity services (such as counselling, voice therapy, hormones or surgery)

- Transphobic/biphobic/polyphobic verbal and emotional abuse

- Physical assault

- Chronic depression & anxiety

- Undiagnosed ADHD (& potentially BPD or autism)

- Difficult family relationships (due to parents separating, and gender transition)

- Unstable finances & accommodation

In order to cope with these multi-faceted issues and be able to stay in further education, Zachary needs counselling from an LGBTQ+-friendly counsellor who has experience working with people whose gender and sexuality lie outside of those accepted by mainstream society.

He is looking at a trained counsellor who offers the discount price of £30 per session, and would ideally like to be able to have 1 session per week. The money raised from this fundraiser would allow him to have counselling for 6 months, by which time he would hopefully be at the top of the waiting list for treatment at the Gender Identity Clinic.

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