Counselling Diploma

Counselling Diploma

To finish final level of counselling training to qualify to practice.

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Project aim

To finish final level of counselling training to qualify to practice.

About the project

My aim is to undertake CPCAB Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling. I have completed level 2 and 3 successfully, level 4 is the two year diploma level which would qualify me as a counsellor. Successful completion of this course means that I will be able to provide a therapeutic counselling service within the context of an agency’s service framework. My hope is to go on to complete my degree and specialise in mental health, abuse, self harm and addiction therapy and be able to practice as an independent counsellor. The course starts on the 17th September 2015. 

The course fees are £2450 for year 1 and then £2450 for year 2. All funds raised will go towards paying for the course fees and CPCAB registration fee. I am not eligible for education grants or loans and I have tried to obtain funding through charitable organisations however this has been unsuccessful. 

Assessment methods will be both internal and external. I will be required to produce an audio tape of a personally recorded counselling session which will be externally assessed.  Complete 100 hours of supervised client work as a formally contracted volunteer within an counselling agency.  You will also be required to complete a minimum of 40 hours of personal counselling therapy. I will be expected to build a portfolio.  The three assessment methods used throughout the training are review of documents, assessed observation, testimony and meeting course criteria.  This ensures that all aspects of the seven processes of practitioner development are evidenced.