Cosplay for Gender Equality Education

Stopping gender stereotyping by educating children with superheroes. What better way to get the message across that we're all amazing!

Here we are in a world where still men and women are not treated as equal. It is 2016 and I still hear people reverting to gender stereotyping. It bugs me.

Where does it start? In perfectly innocent surroundings, toys aimed at boys or girls, children thinking certain jobs are for men or women. 

So this got me thinking. What better example of levelling the field than super heroes.  Everywhere you look there are super heroes and children adore them. They show men and women are both extrodiary.

My idea would be to go into assemblies and get children to understand that no matter what gender, ethnicity etc we can be what we want.

To get this project off the ground I would need to raise the following funds:

DBS Checks £44

Costume: £500 approx, I will be hand making it

Props: £200 all the other super hero and non super hero props to help educate children 

Materials: £150 I want to be able to give the kids something to help them remember. Certificates or something similar that reminds them that we are all super no matter what gender

Marketing: £100 I will need to get this project noticed so I have set a budget for paid advertising. Though I hope to do a lot of word of mouth advertising