Our vision is to provide each and every one of our app users with the best possible chance of finding a partner through revolution

Ever wondered if your soul mate is out there? Is he/she closer than you think? Do you feel your physical appearance or age blight your chances of finding the perfect partner? You can find your perfect match with Connecter. In an increasingly materialistic world where appearance is considered the be all and end all, there are a growing proportion of individuals who feel incapable of discovering true love. We at Connecter match according to what's on the inside rather than what's on the outside, placing emphasis on the fundamental elements of any relationship; character, personality and mutual interests.

Connecter is the first app on the market which can confidently pair individuals with compatible matches and help them on their way to finding true love, and ultimately their soul partner. Connecter is the only app on the market that pairs individuals upon internal characteristics, not on external attributes.