Community Shares

Offer shares in projects that serve the community

Communities are stronger when they own the things that matter most to them.

That’s why thousands of people have already used community shares to support pubs, shops, football clubs, heritage buildings, farms, woodlands and organisations that take centre stage in their local area.

They’re an effective way of raising essential funding by offering supporters a chance to own shares in something they passionately care about.

But unlike regular shares, they’re about more than just profit.

Your investors will become active and vocal supporters of your project, but not just at the fundraising stage.

They will share a vision to secure the long-term future of community enterprises, and each will get a vote in how it’s run.

They may even get a small return on the financial success of the project, but the important thing is that it is wholly owned by the community it serves.

One of the main advantages of community shares is that groups will not fall into debt to lenders who might want their money back, regardless of whether they can afford to pay them or not.

That means the control remains firmly in the hands of people who care about the project: the community.

We operate closely with our friends at The Community Shares Company, who alongside us will work with your organisation every step of the way, freeing you up to engage your community.

Suitable for you?

Community shares

Do you want to raise funds by offering people in your community a chance to buy shares in your organisation?

Local area

Do you aim to create, or own something that has a long-term positive social impact in your community?

One vote

Where every investor gets one vote on how it's run, no matter how much they invest in your project?

If that sounds like you and your project, our Community Shares team want to hear from you.


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