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Co-star Organisation > Pollution free Energy

Hydrogen Fuel for Transportation. 1. Basic prototypes, prove reduction of: NOX 30%, CO2 20%, Fuel 30% 2. Use prototype to get £5m funding.

We did it!

On 16th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £20 with 1 supporter in 28 days

Hey, thanks for looking at the project for creating hydrogen onboard production systems for vehicles with combustion engines. These systems combine with petrol or diesel injection and reduce NOX, CO2 & Conventional Fuel use.

About Me:

I'm Joshua Costar and I've been looking at hydrogen technology and it's readiness for mainstream use for 9 years. The time is NOW.

I recently found out that my mechanical ability is high up in the top percentile. 

As a 3 year old I rode my first 3 wheeled motorcycle. A few years after I watched metal fabricators and engineers in my father's business. And a few years later still I started manufacturing my own components for my mountains bikes and also my own frame.  

As an adult, I jumped into creating a car parts business and taught myself vehicle mechanics and also business operation - pairing up, two years in, age 25, with a director who was 50 (he had run his own successful businesses and been drafted in to repair a number of other failing businesses elsewhere) - We employed 6 people and operated a co-operative structure. I can say I cut my teeth nicely from this experience.

I have taught myself in the fields of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering as well as business, economics and several other areas. 

My passion centres around form and function. I love to find technical solutions and improvements to systems.

Hydrogen simply presented itself to me and kept tapping on my shoulder until I accepted it was time to start building systems. 

I recently spoke with one of the key members of BMW working on the Hydrogen Systems. 

I keep up with UK and EU government projections regarding Energy Transition. 

If I like to I can work with the big players in the industry and also Universities. However, I keep a distance, for now, as they have vested interests which may be inhibitors to progress and I do this for the benefit of all people not just for the profit of a few.



Yes we’re a bit wackey.

No our image isn’t perfect.

If you seek vanity then it’s time to move on.

If you seek revolutionary moon shooting visions keep reading.

We will tidy up the presentation later.

Each aspect of our vision is huge. We can’t do it all so if you don’t like us and don’t want to work with us then please feel free to take a percent of the market along side us.

If you love what we do and how we are then lets talk.

Even if we achieve 10% of our vision we still have a chance of reaching over 1Bn people in a beneficial way.

We start with Hydrogen fuel for transport -

From this we will create as much as possible from our evolving wider vision and our members - Engineers, Computer Scientists, Architects & Philosophers to name a few attributes - will create their globally reaching projects as well -

Your Wallet is not primary - We are accepting connections with those of pure heart and mind...

Intended impact

30,000 Unit sales year three (2019); Primary customers B2B, Haulage companies & HGV Fleet operators.

2020 to 2050 - Minimum average unit sales 1.1m per year (only 1.44% of new cars produced each year)

Incrementally working towards zero carbon by 2050 in road transportation through the supply of hydrogen on-board production systems for aftermarket and OEM.

Substantial accomplishments to date

2014 - 30% reduction in fuel use in a Hyundai Coupe 2.0L Petrol Car. Peak reduction was 43% once the system was conditioned.
- 30% reduction in fuel use in a Mercedes 410 diesel LGV.
2017 - Testing of a third party system: only 10% reduction and poor build quality. Proof of operation in conjunction with LPG system in a Jeep Cherokee - LPG is on average 50% of Petrol cost so a 10% reduction in use = a further 20% reduction in fuel cost.

Monetisation strategy

2017 - Prototyping with minimum £11,000 (0.01% of equity). We can do a surprising amount with a small amount of money in terms of initial prototyping and testing to prove: NOX reduction of 30%, CO2 reduction of 20% & Fuel use reduction of 30%

Total finances required for between 2017 and the end of 2019 = £5m in exchange for 5% equity.

2018 - CE & ISO certification of mass market ready products for HGV & Cars
2019 - 30,000 unit sales to HGV fleet operators

30,000 unit sales in 2019 = £6m net profit.

Hitting target in 2019 = Expansion to 30,000 Sq M. factory with 1.1m unit production capacity. Further equity release to fund expansion.

1.1m unit sales = £180m net profit per year. (A conservative figure in my mind)

Use of proceeds

1. purchase materials and components to build several variations of our unique design for a hydrogen cell.

2. Install system in a car.

3. Install system in a HGV.

4. Along side in application testing complete bench testing to prove NOX, CO2 & Fuel reduction claims.

END OF £11,000
- - -

From £5m:

All of above.

Purchase CNC and manufacturing machinery

Rent 1000 Sq m. factory

Employ rising up to a maximum of 23 staff in 2019 (30 hour working week due to significant automation and offer of the same salary as full-time hours providing targets are met).

Certification of business and product to CE & ISO standards.

Direct marketing campaign - Approach directly, travelling to meetings with key members of European HGV Fleet operators with 200+ vehicles each. From only 150 customers with 200 unit sales each we meet the 30,000 target.

67 Page plan available for interested investors & potential advisors.


With Deep gratitude and blessings,

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