Clear Skin, Restore Happiness

A Charities project York, North Yorkshire

Clear Skin, Restore Happiness

For the past two years my girlfriend has suffered from the severe eczema. Every day is a challenge for the sweetest university student.

Unfortunately this project was not successful

On 20th Nov 2016 our project closed



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For the past two years my girlfriend has suffered from the severe eczema. Not only is every day a challenge with the feeling of uncomfortability and unbearable soarness (which requires almost hourly treatment), but emotionally she struggles beyond comprehension. She is the mmost beautiful person, both physically and in terms of personality, but she sees herself as grotesque and can barely look at herself without becoming upset: she has this unjustified belief that she is being punished for something. 

It is the most difficult situation seeing her like this, especially as she is simply the nicest person who brings brightness to every life she is involved in, and without a dout she does not deserve to suffer in this way. It is with that in mind that I ask for support to fund a journey to europe (coinciding with the end of her university studies) not only for relaxation and relief but to also seek specialist treatment to perhaps help amend this. She is a wonderful human being, and I just want her to feel as beautiful as she is, and to again feel a happiness that seems to have been lost from her life for such a long time now because of her problems.