Cleaner Energy with Solar Energy

Project Cleaner Energy is the final episode, the installation of Solar Panels, to complete years of reducing energy costs

Shesntone Village Hall was built built in the 1960's with funding raised by volunteers in the village

It was built in the style of that era was little regard to energy saving and also to care for the needs of a much smaller community

The hall and the events are entirely run by a team of trustees and is a registered charity

Shenstone has grown, energy costs have increased, the demography profile of the village has altered and now the hall users ages range from childrens parties to the weekly provision of meals and entertainment for the elderly and less firm. In between are a variety of events encompassing all ages from excercise classes, ball room dancing lessons, wedding parties and wakes plus the annual Father Christmas party where Father Christmas gives each child in the village a present all funded from the village hall funds

Over the past few years our project Cleaner Energy following an energy survey has undertaken a number of projects to improve the thermal efficiency of the hall, namely double glazing, improved insulation in the roof, wall insulation and improved access to reduce heat loss through the doors and renegotiated electricity costs

The hall does not have access to gas and so the only energy source is electricity at a cost of some £3,000 per year.

Solar panels should enable us to reduce this cost and feed back into the grid to enable an income to the hall