Supporting bereaved families at Christmas

We're Crowdfunding to provide bereaved children and families with specialist support and counselling this Christmas period.

We did it!

On 26th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £3,126 with 67 supporters in 21 days

Supporting families at Christmas 

The death of a loved one is difficult to cope with. Christmas is such a special time of year; a time for sharing happy moments with family and friends, but families that have lost a loved one can find this a particularly lonely and isolating time.

Will you donate to help us provide care and support to families at this difficult and emotional time, helping them cope with their grief? Your donation could help children and families come to terms with losing a loved one and help them find joy again in this special time of year.

Please help us raise £4773* to pay for our family support team to care for bereaved children and their families this Christmas?

The death of a parent, spouse or other family member can be devastating and can bring about stronger emotions than we have previously experienced. Bereavement is one of the most difficult times in our lives and can be a confusing time with mixed thoughts and emotions.

Children can feel sadness, anger, guilt and hurt. They may worry that they will forget the special person that has died or might think that nobody understands how they feel. Families can need specialist support to enable them to talk openly about their feelings of grief, and help them learn to move forward as a family.

St Richard’s family support team offers children and other family members the opportunity to express their feelings in a safe and comfortable environment and to talk about their memories of their loved one. We offer a range of support, including one-to-one and family counselling and groups where bereaved children and family members can talk to others in similar situations and work through their emotions with our specialist bereavement family support workers.

Your donation will help us give bereaved children and families the care and support they need to get through this most difficult time, safe in the knowledge that our family support team will be here for as long as they need them.

* £4773 could pay for 2 counsellors during December

**Care will be provided to all our bereaved families over Christmas, whether or not we successfully reach our fundraising target for this crowd funding campaign.

***All rewards have been donated free of charge to the hospice. This allows us to maiximise on every donation made to the crowdfunder and we are extremly grateful. 

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