Christian Peoples Alliance candidacies

Christian Peoples Alliance candidacies

To cover election costs of 31 Peoples Christian Alliance candidates in the British General Election of 2017 and to replenish party funds

We did it!

On 26th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £5 with 1 supporter in 56 days

I am standing for Parliament for the Christian Peoples Alliance in North Cornwall.  The party had no funds to speak of when the present British general election was called.  However, 31 of us are putting up our own money, to stand in different constituencies.  My election expenses will be about £900.  My deposit, which I am likely to lose, was £500.   The other 30 candidates will also have expenses and will have put at risk deposits of £500 each.  In the UK, deposits are lost unless the candidate polls 5% of the vote.

The funds will be used first to cover my election expenses and my deposit if I lose it, to the extent that I want this.  (I was ready to lose some of my own money.)  The balance I will send to the party, on trust to use the money first to reimburse, wholly or in part, the election expenses and lost deposits of other candidates who apply for this, the remainder to be used for party funds, to enable the party to put up more candidates at the next general election, and to fund them, or to fund them better, or fully, next time.

My web page, where you can read about my candidacy, and find links to the party's website and manifesto, is JohnAllman.UK.

The photograph is of me, at a hustings, at the previous British general election in 2015.

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