Chertsey College

Help us continue to build our Post-19+ adult education facility in Surrey. The motto we live and teach by is "Keep it personal"

Hello, and thank you for taking an interest in helping us to continue building our not-for-profit Chertsey-based College to be the best it can be. Your help today will allow us to build a full website with integrated emails, get more equipment (e.g. whiteboards) and program funding.

We at Chertsey College have built an education program that is for Adults only (Post-19+). Our introduction course is aimed at solving some of the occupational inequality within Surrey.

Our program is aimed at adults with mild-moderate learning difficulties and/or disabilities in order to gain education and employment. We have created an educational program that is built with this in mind, where the students have the opportunity to build a portfolio of references and work experience with local businesses, alongside expanding or gaining qualifications English and Mathematics and IT.

Unlike, the education systems in place within the UK at the moment we are going 'old school' where by the students and staff live by one motto "Keep it personal". With small numbered classes and donations we can keep building upon this dream. Thus far almost all the money and classroom equipment, has been donated to us from local businesses and charities.

We are a dedicated team of teachers and staff with either learning difficulties or disabilities, who are branching away from the large, overpopulated educational institutions. We are in the process of taking application forms, potential student names and numbers; if you feel as though you or someone you know may also benefit from this form of education please contact us on as enrolment starts from the 11/08/2016 and teaching/classes start on the 05/09/2016. 

Chertsey College is a registered company (i.e. Companies house) and we are registered with the SFA (Student Funding Agency).