Cheapaway, The Comparison App

This opportunity is too good to miss, take a look at our description and then contact us for further information!

 Are you sick of paying for overpriced Takeaway food? Ever wondered if there was a cheaper restuarant out there when ordering? look no further, as now you have, Cheapaway. Cheapaway is the hottest app to hit the scene for a long time! the app will let the user enter their postcode, choose either a dish or cuisine and then it will show the cheapest restuarant for the particluar dish or the cheapest average price per item at a particular restaurant with a link to the online ordering website/app so there is no more paying a high price for the same food. the takeaway industry in the UK alone last year came to £9 Billion so think of the opportunity this could entail. Get involved before it's too late!


All Funding will go towards app development, markeitng and product placement, not 1 pence of donations will go towards a salary for any of the team as we are all working for free until the start up makes a profit.


Please contact me if you would like any further information

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